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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Langsdiebos - Women-Led Rescuer of Abused Women and Children

A proud moment for the Swartland community indeed is when a local informal market becomes the saving grace of women and children.  This is what happens when an organization is women-led and, yes, we salute the fairer sex for being pioneers and victors. 

Already a responsible entity with Covid-19 sanitation applied to visitors upon entry and promoting the wearing of masks, langsdiebos excels in offering an income opportunity to those who aren't otherwise employed but may have children at school, elderly and disabled to care for or people just marginalized by the lockdown regulations.  

We are in this together.  This life, I mean.

One of the exhibitors at langsdiebos has a business called Tuis Bes and she is an iron.  She funds alternative housing for abused women and children needing a place of safety.  We can only salute her for doing this.  

How does Salome do this?  

Salome sells lovely beauty products such as body soap, oils, lotions and fragrant things in flasks and bottles.  Then she has the most beautiful handbags, laptop bags and day bags made from leather.  No, we don't kill animals for their skins. The critics that say "not off my nose" may very well consider this:  leather is used only after third parties had killed animals elsewhere for their own purpose;  but why let a good hide go to rot when women and children need housing?  So, we just use what's available and prevent wastage.  Your purchase of a beautiful handbag will not only honour the life of a sheep or cow, but buy safe protection for a woman and her children. As human lives matter, after all. 

This is just a good reason to bury your biases and rather drive out to enjoy a farmer's market where you can buy the freshest veggies grown close to langsdiebos and maybe also acquire nice home-baked rusks, cookies, pies, jaffles, hand-made sweets, artasanal bread, cheese, preserves to die for and even bio-degradable, eco-friendly cleaning materials.

Not to mention Renate's roosterkoek boeries or roosterkoek with jam.  Esther bakes pancakes and there always will be something to fill a hole with and Ricks aromatic arabica coffee or teas. 

Yes, langsdiebos is a tease!  Come support a noble cause, support women and children. 

PS:  Visit us here and view lovely photos and videos while getting the GoogleMaps directions to langsdiebos

Share this blog post on your social media or on email with all your contacts, please, help us raise awareness.  

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